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Solid-state chemistry and applications: general discussion

TitleSolid-state chemistry and applications: general discussion
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAakeröy, CB, Alavi, S, Beyeh, NKodiah, Brammer, L, Branca, M, Bryce, DL, Christopherson, J-C, Clark, T, Cottrell, SJ, Del Bene, JE, Dichiarante, V, Edwards, AJ, Erdelyi, M, Esterhuysen, C, Fourmigué, M, Friščić, T, Kennepohl, P, Legon, AC, Lloyd, GO, Murray, JS, Mustoe, CL, Pennington, WT, Rosokha, SV, Choudhury, ARoy, Scheiner, S, Szell, PMJ, Taylor, MS, Tsuzuki, S
JournalFaraday Discuss.
Type of Articlearticle
KeywordsHalogen Bonding

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