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Dry Ice

Dry Ice

Dry ice is available in Room B162 by self serve. Customers must have a standing account at Chemistry Stores to collect dry ice.

For JV customers, please follow these steps for collecting dry ice:

  1. Bring insulated container to Chemistry Stores, use scale to determine tare weight of container.
  2. Collect cryo gloves and key from Chemistry Stores.
  3. Walk to end of hall, unlock dry ice room (B162). CAUTION: Always keep door open while collecting dry ice.
  4. Wear cryo gloves, collect amount of dry ice required. Options are 10lb slabs or small nuggets.
  5. Return to Chemistry Stores, replace key and gloves.
  6. Weigh full container, subtract tare weight to determine weight of dry ice collected.
  7. See staff at front desk to create your bill/checkout. The binder will no longer be used to record collected dry ice. Orders will be created at time of pick up.

If you require more than 15lbs of dry ice on any given day, please email your order two days before you would like to pick up. Send an email to storz@chem.ubc.ca with the following info:

Group Name

Date Requested

Your Name

Phone #

Request Qty in lbs

Choose one: Nuggets, 10lb slabs or solid block.

Shipments are delivered on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday each week (if Stat holiday, delivery is moved to next business day).

Please Note: Chemistry Stores is not responsible for orders that are not picked up on the dry ice delivery day.

Chemistry Stores is closed all Statutory Holidays, Saturday and Sundays.

Customers should not remove dry ice bags from B162. They are reused.