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Microwave lens effect for the J=0 rotational state of CH3CN

TitleMicrowave lens effect for the J=0 rotational state of CH3CN
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSpieler, S, Zhong, W, Djuricanin, P, Nourbakhsh, O, Gerhardt, I, Enomoto, K, Stienkemeier, F, Momose, T
Date PublishedJUL 1

We demonstrate the manipulation of the translational motion of a polar molecule in its J = 0 rotational ground state by the microwave (MW) dipole force combined with a counter-rotating nozzle. A cold molecular beam of CH3CN seeded in Kr with a longitudinal velocity of about 100 m s(-1) was created by a pulsed counter-rotating nozzle. The cold beam was then introduced into a cylindrical MW cavity, in which a standing wave, TM01p mode MW field, nearly resonant to the |J, K > = |1, 0 > |0, 0 > rotational transition of CH3CN was created. By choosing an appropriate MW frequency, we successfully observed focusing and deflection of the cold beam of CH3CN due to the lens effect of the MW standing wave. The present result indicates that the combination of a counter-rotating nozzle and an MW cavity will be a versatile method for making cold and ultracold ensembles of various polar molecules in their rotational ground state.