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Local magnetic properties of (RE)$_12$Co$_5$Bi studied by $μ$SR

TitleLocal magnetic properties of (RE)$_12$Co$_5$Bi studied by $μ$SR
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsEgilmez, M, Fan, I, Chow, KH, MacFarlane, WA, Mansour, AI, Martin, DS, Jung, J, Hitti, B, Arseneau, D, Tkachuk, AV, Mar, A
JournalPhysica B: Condensed Matter
Pagination611 - 614
KeywordsLocal magnetism

The recently discovered ( \{RE\} ) 12 Co 5 Bi (where \{RE\} is a rare-earth element) system has a rich magnetic phase diagram. In this paper, we report studies on polycrystalline samples of \{RE\} = Tb , Gd and Tm in order to obtain local magnetic information on the samples. In low fields, the Tb and Gd compounds show a magnetic transition at ≈ 75 and ≈ 100 K , respectively, while there is no evidence of a magnetic transition down to 3 K in the Tm sample. These results are compared with bulk magnetization measurements. The magnetic ground state in Tm 12 Co 5 Bi appears to be dramatically different in low compared to high fields, indicative of a meta-magnetic transition.