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Chelating Actinium-225 And Bismuth-213 For Targeted Alpha Therapy of Metastatic Tumours

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 - 17:00 to 18:00
Luke Wharton
Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia
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IDG - Inorganic Discussion Group
Chris Orvig
Chemistry D300

IDG seminars will be held in D300 and also available on zoom this term. Please contact for zoom details.

Targeted alpha therapy (TAT) has emerged as an effective approach for the treatment of local and distant tumour lesions and is capable of selectively targeting single cell metastases. Of particular interest are the highly potent, alpha-emitting radionuclides, Actinium-225 and Bismuth-213, which have achieved complete-remission of disease in preclinical studies of patients with untreatable, resistant, advanced-stage tumours. To fully exploit the therapeutic potential of such alpha-emitters, suitable chelation systems are required to sequester each radiometal and form stable complexes suitable of administration in vivo. However, the coordination chemistries of Ac3+ and Bi3+ are relatively poorly understood, thus the design of effective chelating agents requires study of the fundamental properties of each of these metal ions. In addition, suitable companion radionuclides with comparable coordination characteristics are required to perform diagnostic imaging and dosimetry studies for assessment of patient suitability for treatment.

This seminar will focus on the development of new chelating ligands to address the gap in knowledge for coordination of 225Ac and 213Bi, and the subsequent preparation of bifunctional derivatives for pre-clinical in vivo studies. In pursuit of suitable imaging companions for 225Ac and 213Bi, my work has focused on chelation of 155Tb and 111In and investigating their performance using in vivo SPECT/CT imaging in tumour bearing mice.