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Bottomley, F. ; Sanchez, V. ; Thompson, R. C. ; Womiloju, O. O. ; Xu, Z. Q. Organometallic Oxides: Preparation Of The Cluster [(Eta-C5Me5)Mo](4)O-7 By Reduction Of [(Eta-C5Me5)Mocl(O)](2)(Mu-O) Or (Eta-C5Me5)Mocl2(O). Canadian Journal of Chemistry-Revue Canadienne De Chimie 2000, 78, 383-394.
Xu, Y. J. ; Gerry, M. C. L. ; Connelly, J. P. ; Howard, B. J. The Microwave-Spectrum, Structure, And Harmonic Force-Field Of The Vanderwaals Trimer Ar2-Ocs. Journal of Chemical Physics 1993, 98, 2735-2741.