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Morrison, J. P. ; Schoenhofen, I. C. ; Tanner, M. E. Mechanistic Studies On Pseb Of Pseudaminic Acid Biosynthesis: A Udp-N-Acetylglucosamine 5-Inverting 4,6-Dehydratase. Bioorganic Chemistry 2008, 36, 312-320.
McHardy, L. M. ; Warabi, K. ; Andersen, R. J. ; Roskelley, C. D. ; Roberge, M. Strongylophorine-26, A Rho-Dependent Inhibitor Of Tumor Cell Invasion That Reduces Actin Stress Fibers And Induces Nonpolarized Lamellipodial Extensions. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2005, 4, 772-778.
Irobi, E. ; Burtnick, L. D. ; Urosev, D. ; Narayan, K. ; Robinson, R. C. From The First To The Second Domain Of Gelsolin: A Common Path On The Surface Of Actin?. Febs Letters 2003, 552, 86-90.